Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Starting Again...

Hello All

I am back and hopefully will be a consistent blogger so friends and family will know what I am up toJ

It will be too much to go into my whole last year. The “Reader’s digest” version is that this past year I have followed paths I knew were right and then worked to understand the outcomes. I have realized necessary it is to be really honest with myself so that I do not waste time getting where I need to go and so that I can be more honest with my words and actions and in my relationships. I have understood better why the gospel is so amazing, because it has let me, when I have had faith and been brave enough to act, that it saves so much time. The gospel helps me save time because it teaches me that love is the most important thing and that if I do not let me pride get in the way I can “cut the fat” from my life which stops me from having fulfilling relationships, stops me from seeing reality in situations, prolongs the time it would take to make it through things I need to learn. I am excited to learn more about myself and love people in my life better.

I am truly at a good place in my life. I have a great family who loves and supports me, friends who teach me and laugh with me, and a desire and hope for the future. It sounds very cliché however I really do have so much confidence in the future. I am excited to see what happens next in my life and appreciative to be able to make great things happen in my life by hard work and guidance from Heavenly Father.

This year in 2012 I am looking forward to settling down, getting a job, and doing a lot of things I have put off while in school. I want to take a paining class, join a club team in the community (crew, soccer, or volleyball), I want to start playing the guitar again, and take Flamenco Dance lessons. There are other things but these are the ones I have put off trying to make it through school amidst my occasional adventuresJ

I will better about updating my blog now so you guys will have to hassle me if I get off trackJ


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