Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Seriously...I am back...

Ok all, I am really going to be better about updating this. I am coming up to a bunch of changes in my life as I am finishig my masters in a couple weeks and then am going to be settling down somewhere:) Somewhere with mountains:) I am open to suggestions.

I have been plugging along in school, learning a ton about myself and the person I want to be in the world. I have learned the power of love more and more as I try to become better. I have come to realize how much change in my happiness and what I accomplish is up to me because often issues I have are because of my own perceptions and issues. It is very eye opening.

I cannot possibly update you all on all in my life but will b able to start from today. The pictures above are my sweet little niece Faye, she might be the most adorable and heavenly think on the plant. The middle one is me, a dear friend Jessica from MA and Sarah my older sister. Jes came to visit and this was the last day she was here. She is a great time and a great person. The left one is a picture of my roomie and our friend Steven:) he came over and she and I cooked him a vegan was AWESOME!!

A quick recap on what I am doing now are listed below:) If you want to hear more about any one thing in particular, comment and I will add an entry.
  • I am tying out being Vegan:) It is great...really changed te way I see allot of things:)
  • Met some great guys lately...mums the word:)
  • I am planning on starting the Appalachian Trail over in the summer but that is up in the air.
  • I am trying to find someone who wants to hike a couple months on the Florida Trail...anyone interested?
  • I am looking at where I want to move when I the running...Denver, Ashville, Atlanta, Washington D.C. or Boston.
I am planning on going on a road trip as my grad present to myself so I might be coming to visit some of you, my friends:) I am also going to start taking dance classes at the Performing Arts Center starting next month...hip hop and flamenco:) I am also going to take Rowing Classes because I would love to join a crew team wherever I move...More info to come:)

I cannot think of anything else right now. I will keep posting and try to keep it only the interesting stuff in my life:)


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  1. Don't forget to come visit me on your roadtrip! :P soooo happy for you! all your advertures and accomplishments are amazing. You really are one of the most awesome friends I have :D