Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This has been a long time coming and I am so sad that I have gotten so behind on my blogging and journaling. It seems like at the times where I am having the most significant things happening in my life is when I do not find time to write in my journal/blog.

I have had a very eventful two months. I had been struggling with big decisions about school, where I will live when I graduate and finding a full time job this coming semester. In the end I am still not sure where I will live when I graduate, I am not staying at my graduate assistantship as I need a full time jobs pay and benefits, and I made it through my semester with all A’s. This was hands down the most challenging semester of my schooling to date. It was not just the material in school, but the time to accomplish the hundreds of pages of reading and papers while not ever forgetting or mixing up my priorities. It was the strain of work, group meetings, studying, church obligations, quality time with friends and family etc… and INSOMNIA for 1 and ½ months. In the end I have survived and am trying to get my sleep back to its “happy place.” I am looking forward to my final semester and trying out the next leg of my journey.

There are more in-depth things that have happened that I wish I went into when they happened but will go over them briefly below.

New Roommate.

In May, Michelle May moved into our old roommate and friends room. She has been a great roommate, friend, and sister. What amazes me about Michelle is that she wants to give as much of her friendship and love that you can take. It was nice to find someone else who was willing to take the risk of rejection or difficulty in friendship. She and I will always be friends. The greatest friends I have are ones whose relationship is completely honest and safe. They are relationships where we love each other enough to honest and encourage each other and where you are always confident that you are dear to each other enough to work out the kinks in a friendship. She is that type of friend and I am thankful to have her as my sister. I have learned a lot about myself this summer.

New Niece

My sister had her sweet little baby. The doctor had told her through all her visits and sonograms that she was having a boy and then when she was having the baby and it came out, the doctor said, “OOPS” because it was a GIRL!!! So funny. I could not be happier. She is little angel and seeing her made me think even more differently about my life and what I want. I am trying to continue to be better…a better friend, daughter, human being…but all this leads up to my desire to have a family someday I look forward to building a relationship with my husband; loving him and supporting him and learning from him. I look forward to the safety found in finding your mate for eternity and the ultimate peace it seems to give. That is my ultimate goal and so I am working towards that indirectly I guess. I like learning in school and about people and I hope that my efforts here will help me be a good mother and wife someday.

I really have the best people in my life. I have people in my life who let me love them and give me more than I could ever want in return. I love the feeling of safety and acceptance that I feel with my friends and family. Thank you all.



  1. I love your blog! but sad your don't have any pictures of us :'( miss you!


  3. Hey Boo-Boo! How are things going, minus the no sleep for a month and a half - that must have been brutal... Thinking about taking another adventure after you graduate? Hope all is well. Take care of yourself.

    - RLB