Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to the grind...

I am back in Tampa after my adventure of driving a Penske moving truck with my friend Suzanne.

Here is the background information. Suzanne French and I have been friends for a while. I trust her and love her as much as you can for a dear friend. She is getting married to Anthony Hildoer on June 11th but Anthony moved out to Colorado 6 months ago and so Sue needed to get her stuff and his out there before their wedding. Anthony could not have time off since he has not earned Paid time off yet and so I said that I would goJ Road trip!!!

We left after I got out of class early on Thursday May 20th at 8:30pm on route to Denver CO. I have never driven past the east coast and have only been away from the East Coast 2 times, once for the MTC and once to drive around the Grand Canyon. Needless to say I was excited to be on a road trip with such a dear friend, a new challenge, and spend 3 days seeing the countryside of the Midwest and west.

Can I say that Kansas is Beautiful!!! We were driving in the afternoon looking out on clear blue skies with the tall plains grass waving the in wind. I looked out and it looked like a green ocean, oscillating and waving to the wind. I was thinking about what it would sound like if what I was seeing could be made into music. One thing I know is the song would have been calming and mesmerizing which is how it felt to me.

To be fair just in case Suzanne is reading this, driving through Kansas was a little tense at first. The wind was exceptionally strong 20-30 MPH. We stopped at a remote gas station and the attendant said “watch out for trucks because if one is empty that it could turn over in these winds…” We are like…great… The drive was comprised of one of us driving with both hands on the wheel, white knuckled, ram rod strait, looking forward, all to keep control because the wind would just send a particularly strong gust that would make you drive off the road if you were not ready. Even with that said, Kansas and our time driving through it was amazing. We met really nice people like a police officer who pulled me over at night and told us our tail lights were out…and rusty who fixed the lights (Penske tech), the stake and shake guy, and the hotel clerk. People in Kansas are great.

We got to the suburbs of Denver at 7pm and unloaded the truck with the help of people from Sue and Anthony’s new ward and then settled in. The evening and Sunday were relaxed. We went to church and then went for a long drive through the mountains…I saw snow on the mountains and we were going to hike up a trail and as we were heading up we heard multiple gun shots so we changed plansJ

Anthony was an excellent tour guide who drove us downtown in Denver and I fell in love with the city. It is a mixture of REI and Bohemia. There is music and little shops. There are bikes rushing by and people lying on the grass in the parks eating a picnic. It is clean and fun and happy. I love the downtown and then to have a people that embrace challenging themselves and enjoying the outdoors is amazing. I am definitely open to Colorado being a future home. We shall see.

I am glad to be back in Tampa and catch up on thing that I am behind in and look forward to seeing many happy years of my dear friends Suzanne and Anthony marriage.



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