Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Appalachian Trail Hiking Adventures

Hello Everyone:)

This entry has been delayed some but here I am talking about one great experience while starting another. I am in the cab of a pensky moving truck on route to Colorado with one of the most dear friends I have in my life, Suzanne French. We are driving the truck with all her stuff to her and fiances new house there. They are getting married June 11th and so want to be settled before that. I will make a blog entry every day for this trip but this one will be dedicated to my hiking trip to Atlanta for almost 2 weeks ago.

So I love being outdoors, it is not that I do not have happy times doing non outdoors things because I have many memories that have no affiliation with being out on some nature adventure or challenge it is just such a peaceful happy time for me every time. It is my experience that every time I have gone hiking, biking, kayaking etc...I have a great memory attached. It could be rainy and cold but when you get to camp or the top of the mountain or a beautiful place on a river I can see past the bugs, pain and cold and just feel completely at peace. I think sometimes when I cm climbing up a mountain that it is never going to end, then I tell myself that there has to be...someday...and then sometimes when I get to the top it is the most intense feeling of accomplishment and I can look out at the round tree topped mountains around me, with the warm sun on my face and smile with happiness.

So my trip this time to go hiking was different because I was getting met by a friend Mariah Turner. I have never been hiking in the mountains with a friend...most people are not interested in hiking for a week or do not have the time. I love the thinking time but it was great to hike with a friend:) Mariah is a person who does not view something as challenging as automatically something that will not be fun, or happy or fulfilling. It is one of my favorite qualities she has.

I met some amazing people this time around also, a woman, Becky who was hiking for 2 weeks on the AT without her husband this time. An amazing woman. We met and felt life we were always friends:)

I will write later about my current road trip.



  1. no matter what you are always going to be the most amazing person ever in my life! and i love how you write with so much detail i feel as though i am there (smile)

  2. My dear sister you always make me feel accepted and makes such a difference to me.