Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little rainy, a little cold, a lot of fun, and a lot scary.

Hello All,

What a good day. As you can see in the pictures it is a little gray out but it was still beautiful. I left the hostel this morning and headed to Neel's Gap, which is a old store and hostel that has been there for 120 year I think. All the people that work there have hiked the trail and have all the know-how that a hiker would need as they were starting their hike. I went into the outfitters and chatted with some ole friends from the summer and then headed for a 4 hour hike to blood mountain and was so peacful and lovely.

As I was hiking up the trail I was thinking about a lot of things, talking to myself really:) I am sure if someone passed by that I did not see they would be thinking "that girl is talking to hereself...she looks normal enough but obviously is not all there..." Too funny:) Anyways, as I continued to hike I was feeling a little lonely, wanting someone I loved to be hiking with me, the feeling came on me all of a sudden. I think it is okay when that happens because it made me think of all of you that I love that I would love to have with me in the great experience I was having. I have learned a great many things doing these "adventures" as you all would call them both alone and with friends, but the times I have been with people I cared about brought the most joy. So to all of you that I have spent time with somewhere in nature...thank you:) Also as I was hiking and passed a Appalachian Trail shelter i closed my eyes and could almost here that laughter and rumblings of old trail friends and memories from 9 months ago. I stood in the same place where I camped and laughed with a melting pot of people less than a year ago. A wave of nostalgia washed over me like a ocean wave. Such good memories, bitter sweet.

When I got back to Neel's Gap I headed out to hike another trail...this was my adventure of the trip. I have my mother GPS with me and typed in where I needed to go, everything was fine, I was traveling down nice country roads and then I went down this little road and then it ended...a dirt road. I looked at the GPS and it said that I would be on the road for 2 miles and it was graded so on I went. I should have backed up right when I saw that dirt road but I didn't and so the fearful trip began for me. I was on this road for about 2 miles and then the road got worse...much worse. Great rocks in my path, muddy holes, sheer cliff edges. I kept looking at m GPS and taking turn after turn with each the road got more nightmarish worse. I heard rocks scraping the bottom of my car, I smelt the rubber from my tires through mud holes trying not to get stuck, I heard my car bottoming out as I went over bumps. Keep in mind that I was not going 20 miles and hour, I was going took me an hour to go 5 miles. I had gone 6 miles of terrane I am blessed to have made it through and the GPS said that I was 5 miles from a proper road. I had two choices, go back the way I came and I was sure my car would give up the fight or move forward. I do not know how many of you have seen my truly terrified and completely freaking out because of it? I hope none of you, not because I would have been embarrassed that I was hysterically crying as I am in the forest road, mountain, obstacle course but because you would see in my face complete helplessness and fear mixed with terror. I can chuckle a little about this now as I am writing you.

I kept my head as much as I could knowing that my car was going to get stuck on this God forsaken road and I would have to hike my way out and probably bump into Bubba and Buffort the brothers who live in the mountains. This prospect made me pray to Our Heavenly Father for the ability to keep my head and help me off this mountain and if I got stuck that he would help keep me safe. In the spaces of me singing church hymns to quell my crying I thought only of calling my sweat mother. Not because she would be able to help me get out of my predicament but because she was the first and only person I thought of to bring me peace at this time. I called that good woman and after she understood through my sobs that I was okay physically, stayed on the phone with me the whole rest of the hour it took me to make it to the road...and I did make it to the road, thanks to my mother and Heavenly Father hearing my prayer. Now any of you who make fun of my car...and I do understand that its many idiosyncrasy make it easy to find fodder but after today's ordeal the Honda has earned some new respect from me:)

Anyways. That was my day. I am not sure where I am headed tomorrow. I met a couple that are 60 years old, Brenda and Tom from Alabama who started their through hike this month. I am so excited for them. The just retired from being professors at Auburn I think in Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry. I will post the link to their trial journal if you guys are interested. Well I am bushed. Love you guys.



  1. Bridgette! I love reading about your adventures, you make me smile:)Oh, I just found your blog today, if you didn't already "get" that;)

  2. My dear Bridgette,

    I would be delighted!

    Your friend,