Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why do I let my life get so cluttered?


I ask myself, why is life so complicated sometimes? Then if I am sincerely asking the question and am really going to be honest with myself, most times if I feel my life is complicated it is me who does many activities or feeling pressure from others about what they think I should be doing with my time.

I have said this before but I think the reason that in the beginning trying out things that were intimidating to me or a little scary was fathomable to me and I pushed through the discomfort is because stepping outside of my comfort zone allowed me to look at my life in a raw way so I could take out the trash so to speak in my life, reorganize my life into a way to make much more sense, focus on a plan for my life and strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father. For instance, when I was going on my mission, I had petition Heavenly Father for strength, I had to get my life in order both physically and figuratively. I got my finances in order and worked to save money and re-assess my priorities. The list could go on and on. The end result of me doing what I knew was right for me but what was scary and hard was that I had a new beginning when I got back. An uncluttered start. The same went for when I wend backpacking in Europe, started college again, when hiking the Appalachian Trail, and started grad school.

Conclusion: On a small scale I am going to have to do a review so that I can do what is in my reach to change. I know that this will relive some of the clutter in my schedule and brain:) I am super happy in my life and per the last entry have a lot I want to accomplish but not at the expense of being able to appreciate my life and the people in it.

I have excellent people in my life who love me and make me laugh. SO thank you again to my loved ones.

I am open to suggestions about a new adventure in my life:) Let me know what your ideas are:)


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  1. very true and i\I love you and you are so right and I look forward to more!!!!!
    ok so about new adventures...I will see what I can think of!