Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3...the unexpected..25 miles done today!

Hello All

Well I am done with day 3! Rachel and I met up last night and then after getting some last minute things done headed out by 2:30pm. We decided to leave our cars at her sisters house in Gainesville and then head west to the coast. We started out on a road/trail that took us 18 miles east to Hawthorn and then found our way to US 20 at around 4:30pm. When we got onto US 20 it was great, there was a great bike path which lasted like a mile and then it disappeared into a wide shoulder for another mile and then that shoulder completely disappeared.

Rachel and I stopped at this point and discussed what we were going to do. We both found cycling n this narrow two lane road with no shoulder and cars going 60mph was not going to happen. As we stood at this very dodgy road off of the hwy to talk a couple trucks went by us from the backwoods and sat there for a few minutes as we smelled marijuana smoke wafting towards us...we decided that we would have to change our plan for how we were going to do this trip because we would have no way of knowing if the rest of the roads we would be need to take would be equally dangerous.

We decided to cycle back a couple of miles and then have a friend f Rachel's pick us up and drive us back to her sisters house so we could find an alternative to our current course. Since we have gotten back we decided that we would just drive to another area we want to cycle in and then comeback to the car in a day or two and then drive somewhere else for a change of scenery. There are places we know we could go on the east coast, central Florida and the gulf coast that are good for cyclists.

I will keep you posted!!!

Sweet dreams,

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  1. Sounds like adventure you guys are going through! But I did not expect anything less exciting :)....be careful and keep us posting...
    Pavla and Martin