Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 2. 45 miles completed!

Hello All,

For starters I went to bed too late...I was staying in a hotel because I was by myself and knew it was not safe to camp alone (you all should applaud my good I do not have a TV in my apartment nor do I watch it ever so I got into my room last night near where I was going to ride at 6pm with little to I flipped on the TV. 8 hours later I was still watching. I am not even sure what I watched:)

Because of this decision I did not get out riding until 12 noon. The West Orange Trail is 22 miles one way and I wanted to be done by around 4:30pm, but since I was getting such a late start I would be cycling the 44 miles at the sunniest part of the day. I thought "it's fine, its December, it will not be that big of a deal..." I am so dumb sometimes. The sun sucked all the energy from my body by the end of the trail. The last mile (mile 43) was the longest of my life. I had my bike geared to its lowest gear, where normally if you happen to accidentally go to the lowest gear your legs fly around so fast you loose your balance. For this last mile, the effort required by my body to pedal was comical. You would think I was biking at a 80% incline with the way my face was squinched. I did tell myself what I learned on the trail; that this too shall pass (the pain) and this trail has to end sometime:)

You think the adventure was way. After I got off my bike and were able to bend my legs, I headed out to meet Rachel in Gainesville. Now I left the trail at 5:30pm, on route to the Florida Turnpike so I can get to I75 which is only 30 miles...3 hours later I finally got to I75. Did I mention that I was so tired at the beginning of the drive? Some imbecile decided to close a portion of the turnpike for construction during rush hour. The detour provided for the 1000's of drivers was a 2 lane road with a bazillion stop lights. Ahhhhh! It was funny. The blessing is that my car gave absolutely no sign that it was overheating. Those of you who are familiar with my car are sufficiently amazed I am sure

That is my day. I am sitting here with Rachel making our plans for the rest of the trail. We are going to do the Hawthorne Trail and ending in Ravine Garden State Park...Rachel says it is 46 miles...we will see.


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