Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 1 of bike trip.

Hello Friends,

Per my last entry, my friend Rachel and I were going to start a bike trip today from St. Augustine to Savannah, GA but she got sick and so could not come:( I decided that I had two choices, I could just stay home or I could just adjust the plan. I chose the latter, so today I headed out after church to go to bike just East of Orlando, since I would be by myself I would not camp alone and then I was just going to hike in Ocala National Forest for a couple of days and then bike to the coast and head home. I got to Winter Garden, FL after getting lost a got a little time in to read outside before it got dark.

On my way in Rachel called me and said she was feeling better and would meet up with me tomorrow night!!! Exciting. So we are meeting tomorrow. I am going to do this trail near where I am in Winter Garden that is about 44 miles round trip. I will take pictures. I took the attached ones on my drive today.

For all who know the temperament of my overheated at least 10 times today:) That was an adventure in itself.

My motto for the day, "embrace change and never let fear dictate your decisions."

I will write and post pictures of tomorrow...well today...later:)


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