Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is here!

Hello Friends

I am back from my bike trip and feel totally refreshed. I am surprised that I feel such a rejuvenation even though my days were filled with cycling and soreness the past week. I was happy to come back to work and peaceful about the coming holiday and all that I have to finish.

I am planning on taking another trip this weekend. I think that I will leave in the evening on Friday and then go cycling on Saturday, maybe find a nice trail and then head back on Sunday for church.

Any suggestions for an outdoor trip this weekend in the state of Florida? I am open.

On New Years Weekend I am going to be leaving with some friends to go hiking in the Ocala portion of the Florida Trail. We will leave in the evening on Thursday, camp and then hike Friday and Saturday and then head back for church on Sunday. Fun Fun!!!


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