Friday, April 24, 2009

Mile 164 conquered!

My Dears

Well I am in Fontana Dam, NC. I covered the 11 miles into town in about 5 hrs which was exciting, I really wanted to get here. Fontana Dam is the beginning of the 70 mile hike through the Smoky Mountains. I have hiked 164 miles to date...I am going an average of 15 miles a day now. I have to push myself a little more each day so that I get stronger. There are some days when I am hiking and the mountains feel like it does not have a summit, I will get a leaf punched onto the end of my hiking pole and I will pull it off just to not carry anything else up that It is a mental thing, ha ha, but whatever gets you up the mountain.

I really hurt my foot 5 days ago and have been hiking on it, willing to hike though the pain, but it is getting worse:( Your feet hurt all the time out here but the searing pain in my toe is getting too bad now. I am going to stay in the Fontana Lodge tonight, maybe tomorrow, and then will figure out what I will do. Any suggestions? Smile.

I have felt lonely the past day even though I meet up with lots of hikers. It is part of it I guess, you all seem millions of miles away but know that you are in my heart and I draw on your love in those times when I think it is too hard. I will keep hiking until I know it is time to come home. We say out here that you have to hike your own hike, that is the key.

I feel like I have been months and not just 17 days. Does it feel like that to you? Time is definitely lost out here. I forget what day of the week it is sometimes and do not forget what time it is only because I know that I hike from about 8am to 6pm.

I will post more tomorrow since I think I am going to need to take a day off because of my toe.

Love you.


  1. 164 miles??? OMG! You brave woman! I think I would die, but at the same time it sounds so fun! Be careful out there! And have lots of fun!

  2. YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!! and yes, it totally feels like it's been months for me, too. i keep looking for you, but then i remember you aren't there...and i'm glad you aren't, because it means you are off conquering your mountains and i'm inspired for another moment!

    lots of love and misses!!! i think of you all the time!

    mary ann